Northland Trailblazers Snowmobile Club - Keys and Camping Policy

Intent of Policy:

The purpose of this policy is to establish and standardize the requirements that all current Northland Trail Blazers Snowmobile club members must fulfill to attain or maintain facility access and use of facilities.

Northland Trailblazer Facilities with restricted access:

  • Charlie Lake chalet
    • Locked Gate Access
    • Firewood shed access (only available in winter months)
    • Sea Can Access
  • Stewart Lake Trail / Cabin
    • Wood Shed Access 

Distribution of keys:

  • Keys will only be given to Members that are 19+ years old at the time of membership purchase
  • Keys will only be given out at the end the Monthly Club meetings (First Tuesday night of October through April) and only to those that have purchased current/active  Northland Trail Blazers Snowmobile club memberships and the keys can only be attained  with approval of the executive. 
  • A paper application will be available at meetings, or the electronic application is available on our website,  and will be reviewed by the executive and the applicant will be contacted in a timely manner.
  • Locks are changed every November and a new key will need to be issued after that time.
  • Definition – “Season”  is referred to as Oct. 1 – April 30th 
  • Criteria for approval may include but not limited to:
    • Minimum 1 season membership (has to be purchased before Oct. 31st of the membership season start, application can be made after the end of the season April )
    • Meeting Attendance.
    • Volunteer Efforts.
    • Event participation / preparation.
    • Exceptions can be made for long term members 10+ years of active membership and unable to fulfill some of the required criteria.
    • persons issued lifetime memberships are automatically eligible for a key
  • Keys can be revoked at the discretion of Northland Trail Blazers Snowmobile club executive members. 
  • Criteria for revoking keys may include but not limited to:
    • Unlawful acts or behavior.
    • Vandalism.
    • Failure to comply with club policies

Facilities Usage and expectations:

  • Members who use the facilities are asked to:
    • Respect the facilities and other users.
    • Remember the facilities are bound to agreements with Municipalities and government of British Columbia 
    • Remove garbage and waste after each use – pack out what you pack in
    • Leave the facilities in good condition
    • Report any maintenance required to the Northland Trailblazers Executive members
    • Replenish anything that is used such as Firewood, toiletries, propane etc.

Charlie Lake Chalet is not to be used as an overnight accommodation unless an actual emergency 


Camping Policy – rules and regulations,

Definition – A camping ‘unit’ refers to a truck camper, trailer, RV trailer, motorhome, tent trailer, or tent.

    1. Quiet time
      1. Quiet time is 10:00 p.m.
      2. Generators are restricted to the hours of 9:00 a.m. –11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.– 8:00 p.m. 
      3. Excessive noise is not accepted – keep it a respectful volume in your camping group / site (should not be heard outside of your camping area)
    2. Group size 
      1. ONE guest camping unit per keyed member
      2. Maximum of FOUR camping units per group
        1. Special considerations for larger groups can be approved by the Northland Trail Blazers Snowmobile club  executive members and may require a rental fee as per our facility rental policy
  • Max stay of 7 consecutive days.



  1. Campfires
    1. All campfires must be in the designated steel fire pits
    2. Must follow any campfire restrictions
    3. Fires must be completely out if not attended too.
    4. Firewood 
      1. Winter Months Nov. – April:  access to the wood sheds is available to members with keys
      2. Summer months – bring your own firewood – no cutting of live trees
  1. Waste disposal
    1. There are garbage cans located throughout the site
      1.  Please remove garbage from all 3 cans after each visit, and replace plastic bags.
      2. Keep garbage in its place to prevent conflict with bears and other animals
    2. Fish cleaning,
      1. Refrain from dumping fish cleaning waste around the dock
      2. Pack away the fish waste in a separate bag / container then the regular waste cans
  2. Pets :
    1. All animals must be restrained from roaming free from your camping area unless leashed.
    2. All animal waste must be cleaned up and disposed of.
  1. Driving – ORV use is accepted, provided all provincial rules are followed including helmet use.
  1. • Insurance/Theft – The Northland Trail Blazers Snowmobile club (N.L.T.B.) is not responsible in the case of theft of RV or contents thereof; Nor for any damage caused by natural causes (i.e. tree falling);  All activities in the campground are done at the individual’s free will and N.L.T.B will not be responsible for injury to guests or for loss of money/valuables of any kind.
  1. All N.L.T.B. facilities are “Use At Own Risk”.

The Goal of the Northland Trail Blazers Snowmobile club is to provide a Safe, Fun, and enjoyable snowmobiling experience for everyone.